Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book a taxi?

  1. Enter your requirements in the request quote page
  2. Make a note of your request reference number
  3. Check the status of your request whenever you wish
  4. When you are happy with a quote, select and accept it
  5. Your details will be emailed to the taxi company, and the taxi company details to you
  6. You confirm the booking and agree any special arrangements directly with the taxi company

Why don't you need my full address?

For the purposes of quoting on your journey the full address is not needed, and so we don't ask for it at any time. You will need to provide this directly to any taxi company who's quote you accept.

Do all requests receive quotes ?

No, we cannot guarantee that your request will receive a quote. This depends totally on our taxi company providers to offer a quote for your trip.

How do I cancel a request?

If you have not accepted any quote then there is no need to cancel, just ignore any quotes that your receive. If you have accepted a quote then please contact the taxi company directly.

Can I provide feedback if I have a particularly good or poor experience with a taxi provider?

Following every succesful booking and journey you will be sent a survey asking you to rate the taxi provider. This will help provide a scoring system for all TaxiMatch users which can be used to narrow their selection criteria.

What happens if the taxi does not arrive?

This is a matter between yourself and the taxi company. TaxiMatch acts solely as an intermediary to make the connection between you and the taxi company. The commercial and contractual relationship is between you and the taxi company, just as it would be if you had booked them through any other method.

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