Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book a taxi?

  1. Enter your requirements in the request quote page
  2. Make a note of your request reference number (you will also receive an email with this)
  3. Check the status of your request whenever you wish
  4. When you are happy with a quote, select and accept it
  5. Your details will be emailed to the taxi company, and the taxi company details to you
  6. You confirm the booking and agree any special arrangements directly with the taxi company

Why don't you need my full address?

For the purposes of quoting on your journey the full address is not needed, and so we don't ask for it at any time. You will need to provide this directly to any taxi company whose quote you accept.

Do all requests receive quotes ?

No, we cannot guarantee that your request will receive a quote. This depends totally on our taxi company providers to offer a quote for your trip.

How do I cancel a request?

If you have not accepted any quote then there is no need to cancel, just ignore any quotes that you receive. If you have accepted a quote then please contact the taxi company directly.

What happens if the taxi does not arrive?

This is a matter between yourself and the taxi company. TaxiMatch acts solely as an intermediary to make the connection between you and the taxi company. The commercial and contractual relationship is between you and the taxi company, just as it would be if you had booked them through any other method.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Taxi Companies

How do I make a quote?

  1. Create an account or log in
  2. Go to My overview and filter on the airport you want to see
  3. To narrow the search further you can select a particular date if you wish
  4. From the requests shown, click on Make quote and type in your quote
  5. Click Submit quote

Do I need to create an account ?

Yes. You will need an account to view requests and send quotes.

How much does this cost ?

From launch in January 2014 until we manage to attract sufficient travelling customers to convince the taxi companies of the value of this service, there will be no charge. It is anticipated that a charge of one pound per acccepted quote will be charged at some point in future, which will help support the team and enable us to fund more advertising etc.

Can I quote for more than one journey ?

Yes. You can link your quotes to/from any airport on a particular day, and the first of these quotes to be accepted will cancel the other quotes automatically. You can create multiple sets of linked quotes, but each quote can only be part of a single set of linked quotes.

How do I know the status of my quotes ?

You can check this at any time online, and amend or cancel existing quotes. Quotes accepted by a customer are immediately notified to you by email.

Do I have to check the site constantly to look for new opportunities ?

No. You can select an option to be notified of any journey requests starting or finishing close to you. This will not include the full range of options visible on the web site, just requests clsoe to you. In future we plan that you will be able to enter your exisiting planned trip details and receive emails if any possible customer requests would match your current trip.

What are the other quotes that show in the request details ?

The aim of this site is to provide the cheapest quote for customers. We look up the details of their request as closely as possible on some other sites who give immediate quotes, and show these to help our members see what the customer would be offered by our competitors. We cannot obtain absolutely exact comparisons as we don't hold the full address of the customer, but these are for your information and guidance only. Of the comparison companies, perhaps Cabubble is the closest approximation as we can include the number of people in the party as well as the exact date and time when we check their price, whereas for airporttaxi-uk we can only check their quote between the two postcodes.

What happens if the customer ...?

This is a matter between you and the customer. acts solely as an intermediary to make the connection between you. The commercial and contractual relationship is between you and the customer.

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